Reporting Capital Gains Tax – 60 Day Reporting

Many people don’t know that when they sell a property in the UK and have capital gains tax to pay, you only have 60 days to report this and pay the tax owed.

If you’re non resident you have to file even if you made a loss !

Do you need to file?

> Are you selling, or have you recently sold, a residential property in the UK?

> Was the property rented out at any time of ownership, or was it not your primary residence (i.e a second home) ?

If you have answered YES to the two questions above then you may be required to report the disposal and pay any capital gains tax due on the sale within 60 days.

You can follow our chart below to work out if you need to file

60 day capital gains tax form flowchart

Need to file?

We’ll get it done for you.
Get us to do your Capital Gains Tax 60 Day Reporting

£450 +VAT


When Zebra completes your 60 Day CGT Form we will give learning material to a girl who has been rescued from sex trafficking

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