Limited Company Accountancy Services

We can get your Limited Company accounts and tax return done and dusted, set up a company for you with Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs, provide advice on structuring your business, and advise you of your responsibilities as a director.

Zebra’s Limited Company Accountancy Services can help you from start to finish.

What is a Limited Company?

A Limited Company is a type of business which is a separate legal entity from its owners. Typically, a limited company is owned by shareholders, who, for small companies, are often also the director and manager of the business.

Why set up a Limited Company?

As the Limited Company is a separate legal entity to its owner, it protects the individuals in the case of the business falling on hard times.

Some customers and suppliers prefer to deal with an incorporated business, rather than a sole trader. The perception is that it makes the business more credible.

How do I set up a Limited Company?

A Limited Company has to be registered with Companies House.  This is a public register of all companies incorporated in the United Kingdom.  The details for the company and its directors and shareholders are available on the company register, which is accessible, for free, to members of the public.

We can help you set up a limited company for just £250 + VAT, which includes us giving you advice  on running the company, responsibilities as a director,  etc.

Reporting requirements of a Limited Company

Limited companies have more compliance than sole traders and there are certain filing requirements on an annual basis.  Don’t worry we can help with all of these as your limited company and corporation tax accountant

Annual Compliance Statement – this is an online form confirming the details of the company, the directors, the shareholders and the persons of significant control – Fee £75 + VAT

Limited Company Accounts & Limited Company Tax Return – annually the company is required to file full limited company accounts and a limited company tax return to HM Revenue & Customs, and a set of abbreviated accounts to Companies House – from £1,000 + VAT

Registered Office Address – every company has to provide a registered office address for the company that can be seen on the public record. Many people would prefer not to have their personal address publicly available, so use a registered office service.  We offer an address in London, SE1 3PH, our annual fee is £200 + VAT

For other services, such as payroll, bookkeeping, VAT returns, software training see our Services page

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