Feeling lost?

Let us guide you through your Expat Taxes !

Dealing with your Expat Taxes in the UK can feel bewildering. Different rules, changing legislation, double tax treaties and lots of things that go bump in the night can feel like a nightmare.

Why get stressed and confused trying to do it all yourself? Buy this package and let me help, while you enjoy your new life abroad.

Taxes for Expats making you feel like a Zebra in headlights?
Let me guide you through 

Sure, you can do your expat taxes yourself, feel free to explore some of the wonderful information on my taxes for expats freebies page or my blog to help you. BUT here are the top reasons why investing in my expat tax package is a fantastic idea…


UK tax law can be complicated, ambiguous (with lots of grey areas) and hard to understand.

I have spent over 20 years training so you don’t have to!



Double tax treaties are hundreds of pages long and full of complicated rules.

Unless you are a nerd who wants to read and digest it all, let me take the strain for you.



Tax rules change and evolve all the time. It’s a lot to keep on top of, is this something you really want to have to do?

I spend many hours a year keeping up to date with all those changes, big and small.



Lastly, and most importantly, is peace of mind. Moving country is stressful enough, without having to negotiate new tax systems.

Sit back, relax and let me take the stress out of your UK taxes.


How the process works


Sign up to my Expat Tax Package using the link below (at the bottom of the page).

The fee is a fixed rate of £500 +VAT.

Have questions before you sign up?

Just use the contact page to get in touch. 


Once you click on the link below and sign up for my Expat Tax Package, you will receive a link to make your payment, followed by:

  • a welcome email
  • contracts to sign electronically
  • access to a shared secure folder
  • a short questionnaire to help with the tax return preparation 


Once you have uploaded the completed questionnaire, along with all of your documents, just let me know you are ready to get started.

I will prepare a draft and upload it to your secure folder for you to review. You will get an email to let you know it is ready and everything you need to know about the way it has been prepared.


Once you have had a chance to review your return, ask any questions and make any amendments, it is time to finalise the return.

You will be sent a final version to sign electronically. This will then be filed online with HMRC and I will upload a copy of the submission report, along with a copy of the final return, to your secure folder.


Why choose me?

Hi, I’m Wendy O’Dell Callaway

As an expert in taxes for expats I specialise in helping Expats navigate the tax system in the UK. As an Expat myself I understand just how stressful moving country can be and understand the frustrations you face.

Zebra is a little different from most firms – what you see is what you get! I am a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant and I prepare all of the tax returns personally.

It’s really important to me to really get to know my clients and provide the personal service that most clients crave.

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